Paper Cutters

Safely cut up to a 3” stack of paper in one swift stroke!

  • Manually Operated Paper Cutters - When the process quantity or budget does not allow for the purchase of a more automated cutter, a manually operated cutter will get the job done. If you're using a paper trimmer that cuts one to a few sheets at a time you may want to consider a paper cutter. Depending on the model, a manually operated cutter can easily cut through up to a 3" stack of paper in one swift stroke!
  • Electric Drive Paper Cutters - Automate your paper cutting with electric blade drive and clamping. Choose a model that offers automatic blade drive and manual clamping or combined automatic clamping and blade drive. Cutting length adjustments are made via a hand wheel at front of the cutter. The operator adjust the hand wheel while refering to a steel blade rule or a digital display to locate the desired cut length.
  • Programmable Paper Cutters - Precision cuts time after time is what you can expect from a programmable paper cutter. Cutting length is controled by the digital keypad which allows for programming repeat jobs. Simply enter the cut length on the keypad and press start for a quick cut.
  • Hydraulic Drive Paper Cutters - Hydraulic drive paper cutters typically allow for clamp pressure adjustment. The operator can reduce clamp pressure when trimming delicate stock or increase pressure for a firm hold normally required for heavy card stock.
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DIGICUT208 Digicut 208 Programmable Paper Cutter
DIGICUT203 Digicut 203 Automatic Programmable Cutter
DIGICUT185 Digicut 185 Automatic Cutter
DIGICUT253 Digicut 253 Automatic Programmable Paper Cutter
DIGICUT255 Digicut 255 Automatic Programmable Paper Cutter
DIGICUT160 DigiCut 160 Table Top Manual Paper Cutter
DIGICUT161 Digicut 161 Manual Paper Cutter
DIGICUT180 Digicut 180 Manual Paper Cutter
DIGICUT162 Digicut 162 Semi-Automatic Cutter
Items: 19 of 11, per page
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