Used & Demo Equipment

When the budget doesn't allow or the process quantity or frequency of use doesn't justify a new purchase an excellent alternative is to purchase used.  Scroll down this page to browse all of our used & demo equipment.

When purchasing used equipment you can count on Brett as a reliable, trustworthy source with over 40 years of providing quality equipment solutions, service and support!  All of the used equipment we offer (with the exception of broker or consignment sales) has been thoughly inspected by Brett's Technical Service Department.  Any parts showing excessive wear that would effect the proper performance of the equipment have been replaced.  All equipment has been calibrated, cleaned and tested for proper performance.  When the equipment is ready we then catergorize and rate its condition.  We have three categories; Factory Warranty Demo Model, Warranty Reconditioned and As Is Reconditioned and As Is, Where Is.  We also have four condition ratings; Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair.


  • Factory Warranty Demo Model:  this category includes the manufacturers new equipment parts warranty and Brett's 30 day labor warranty (bench service labor at Brett's Horsham, PA facility).  Demo model equipment is new and is slightly used for the purpose of demonstration and application testing. 
  • Warranty Reconditioned:  this category includes a 30 day parts and labor (bench service labor at Brett's Horsham, PA facility).  We offer a warranty on current or discontinued models when manufacturers maintain full availability of replacement parts for the specific model and will continue to offer replacement parts indefinitly.
  • As Is Reconditioned:  no warranty is offered as the manufacturer may have limited or no parts available.
  • As Is, Where Is: no warranty is offered; Brett is acting as a broker or the equipment is consigned.

Condition Ratings

  • Excellent Condition:  demo model, slightly used, like new.
  • Very Good Condition:  not heavily used or has been reconditioned with major component part replacements.
  • Good Condition:  has seen normal wear and tear.  Has been reconditioned with the necessary parts to maintain proper performance.
  • Fair Condition:  has seen heavy usage or is older.  Has been reconditioned with the necessary parts to maintain proper performance.

Download a PDF Catalog of our New, Used & Demo Equipment - Spring-2020

Can't find what your looking for?  Please contact us; we may have something available that has not yet been added to our list or we may be able to direct you to a source that may have it.  We can also add you to our prospect list of those looking for specific equipment; when something becomes available we will contact you.

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